Official Certificates / Training


  • Overhaul Clutch Assy & 12 years inspection R22/R44
  • Sprag Clutch Inspection iaw SB85
  • MR Hub Overhaul & 12 years inspection R22/R44
  • TR Hub & Blade Assy Overhaul & 12 years insp. R22/R44
  • Swashplate Assy & 12 years inspection R22/R44
  • R-22 A021-1 TR Gear Box 12 years inspection. Seal replacement & internal inspection iaw Robinson information
  • R22/R44 Fan Shaft Bearing Assy replacement and lower fan shaft Overhaul
  • R22/R44 Main rotor Gear Box Upper Bearing replacement & 12 years Internal inspection. iaw Robinson information and SB15
  • Drives yokes A195-1; A907; B223; A908; A006-5 Inspect. &O/H
  • Hydraulic Servo Seal Replacement
  • R44 Conversion from mechanical flight controls to hydraulic flight controls
  • Main rotor Blades Spindle O/H; Spindle Bearing replacement; 12 years inspection & track-up R22/R44
  • Magnets: Bendix & Slick 500h inspect & O/H
  • Alternators: Electro System ALY/ALU 500h inspect &O/H
  • Starters: Electro System & B&C 500 inspection
  • Battery: Deep cycle Ni Cd & Capacity test Lead acid, Gel
  • Warranty management of LYCOMING engines

Official certificates

Certificate of approval of the maintenance organization

Robinson Official Certificates

Advanced Training Certificate

Lycoming Authorization